See & Score Lesson


The See & Score Lesson is based on the “Eye-Mind-Body Approach” that’s been used to train a wide variety of students.

We will blend  the “Eye, Mind, Body Approach” with two Key putting skills to create a high level of performance. You will improve your START LINE and SPEED CONTROL across different slopes and distances. You will receive the drills and tools to maintain consistency on the greens moving forward.

Sports vision specialists have seen that vision is often the common denominator for the elite. Previous testing of elite players demonstrated an unbelievably high quality of visual skills. An elite athlete sees objects moving slower than the average person. This is due to the proper and efficient way to visually track targets.

These visual skills are easily isolated and trainable. This lesson will help you to understand how the eyes can be trained to track, develop rhythm, and lead to a calm quiet mind. “What the eyes see, the mind perceives, and directs the body to act accordingly.”

This is a 1 Hour Lesson
Lessons are available Monday thru Saturday.

Adults $130

Junior $110

Class $100 Per Person (2 – 4 golfers)

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