One Day Putting School

                                                                   One Day Putting School  


                                                                    Read, Distance, Speed

The One Day Putting School is the most poplar putting program that I offer. The number one issue for poor putting lies within these three skills. By making improvements within these areas, it will lead you to more one putt greens and fewer three putt greens. This is the “Secret Sauce” to better putting.  

Designed for 1 to 2 golfers. 

Time:   4 Hours of Instruction

            10am – 12pm – Distance Control, Speed Control and Acceleration

            12pm – 1pm – (Lunch included)

              1pm – 3pm – AimPoint Green Reading. 

Distance Control

Learn a system to develop the correct length of stroke, that will match the distance of the putt that you have in front of you. Your backstroke length must match the distance of the putt or you will leave the ball short of the hole.

Speed Control

Find your own internal timing! Apply that internal timing to your stroke, in a way that will develop consistent timing and tempo.


Then learn to control the acceleration down to the ball. This will teach you to produce the proper impluse into the ball, that will roll the ball end over end, into the middle of the cup.

Green Reading

Gain confidence on how to maneuver around the green so you understand the distance of the putt, the amount of slope, and the amount of grade. This maneuvering will teach you how to make an adjusted length putt.

* Where to stand, where to look, where to aim.

* How to adjust to uphill and downhill putts.

* Learn how to read and manage a double breaking putt.

* Learn how the wind will effect a putt.

Tuition: $650 per person – Adult 

               $550 per person – Junior

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