Core Performance Putting Program


Core Performance Putting Program 

The golfer must have a starting point to understand!

These 5 One Hour Core Private Lessons will position you as a golfer, into a place of understanding performance putting at the highest level on a green.


Stroke Management

Learn your stroke lengths and how they effect the distance that you roll out the putt.

Time Management

Learn your own personal internal timing that will guide you to move the putter properly and roll the ball the correct capture speed.


By using putting technology that will help you learn the proper impulse and acceleration that should be applied to the ball.

Green Reading

Learn how to manuever on the green to read distance, grade, slope, to achieve an effective distance. You will learn how to read short putts, single breaking putts, double breakers, uphill, and downhill putts. All done in a timely manner.

Mental Management

Learn how to execute properly with a calm, clear mind that is not over loaded.


Adults    $700 total

Juniors  $600 total


South Florida’s #1 Putting Coach