Short Game Perfection Program

The Short Game Perfection Program is a 3 month comprehensive, systematic short game program designed for private coaching that will guide, inspire, and lead you to “Short Game Perfection” by working on all areas from 100 yards and in. This will get you on the right track to lower scores and continue your progress toward long term improvement. It will also provide you practice time between each lesson.

You will receive 6 hours of Putting Training that will include; SAM Puttlab Analysis, putting assessment, green reading, aiming, speed control, mechanics, putting drills, and a plan for continued improvement.

You will also receive 6 hours of Short Game Training that will include; the short game test, finesse wedge, distance wedge, bunkers, specialty shots, drills, and a plan for continued improvement.

$1200 Full Payment or monthly for $440

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