Short Game Wizard

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Short Game Wizard 

That exasperated feeling you get when you chili dip or skull a chip or pitch shot! Makes you want to just stop playing. This school is designed to create a better concept for you, develop the confidence you need, and give you that proud feeling, once you get the ball up on the green and close to the hole.

If you want to become a short game wizard, you have to consistently make solid contact in order to eliminate misses, as well as develop the skills needed to control distance, so that there’s a high probability that you’ll convert the putt.

More and more golfers love to focus on the long game, but the long game is designed for ball control around the course. The Short game is designed for scoring. So if you want to score better this is for you! Start spending 50% of your practice time developing your chipping, finesse wedges, distance wedges, and bunkers.

These Segments are critical to having a quality short game. With each segment you will learn the use of the bounce, trajectory, spin, landing spots, mechanics, drills, and how to properly practice what you learn, so you are able to apply it on the golf course.

Your Short Game Wizard is a Private Lesson Program. Each segment is an hour. You can take one, two, or all three segments. Your choice!

 The Segments:

* Bunkers – Getting out, up, and in.

* Finesse Wedges – 40 Yards and in to the pin.

* Distance Wedges – 50 to 100 yards into the pin.


Adults     $150 per Hour Segment

Juniors   $130 per Hour Segment

Video, notes, and practice plan

Let’s get the ball up and down today. Stop the chili dip and skulls! 561-699-2616 for lower scores!

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