Comprehensive Putting Program

The Comprehensive Putting Program

The Comprehensive Putting Program is a complete putting program that will help you understand the skills that are required for excellence in putting. This program is what my Best Tournament Winners go thru. This 12 hour private program offering two lessons per month for 6 months. It is designed to analyze tendencies, fit you into a putter, plus develop proper execution of putting, and mental skills.  Then test your ability on what you have learned. 

1. Putting Analysis

2. Setup Procedures

3. Aiming & Alignment

4. Distance Control

5. Speed Control  

6. Acceleration                                                       

7. Green Reading – Distance, Grade, Slope, Effective Distance                                           

8. Visual Techniques

9. Mental Calmness & Intention 

10. Putter Fitting

11. Manuvering on the Green                     

12. Review & Refinement of Skills                                    

During the program you will be given different practice drills that will help to increase the learning curve. These putting practice drills will be an ongoing program for you now and in the future.

Adults $275 a month for 6 months.

Junior $230 a month for 6 months.

*All lessons are one hour long, include video and practice drills 

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