SAM PuttLab Analysis


SAM PuttLAB Analysis                      



The best way to work on your putting and drop your scores is to start with a thorough analysis of your current ability. Utilizing SAM PuttLab technology to analyze exactly what is happening with your putting stroke, will show your what you are doing with the putter in your hands. By clearing up some mis-conceptions you may have about the putting stroke this will lead you to lower scores immediately.

SAM PuttLab Analyzes your putting stroke and Stan gives you constructive feedback on how to improve.

SAM will capture – Aiming, Face at Impact, Face to Path , Stroke Path Direction, Backward Stroke Rotation, Forward Stroke Rotation, Tempo, Launch, and much more. Plus SAM records and gives real-time cause and effect feedback on your stroke, showing flawed stroke angles and motions that often go unnoticed, even to expert eyes. In time, you’ll see more than just improvement, you’ll be putting with precision.

You can’t analyze, or teach at the highest level without this revolutionary system.

In just 90-minutes  this can save literally hundreds of hours fumbling around the putting green trying different tips in order to find what works for you.

SAM Putt Analysis

Adults                          $195     90 Minutes

Juniors                        $150     90 Minutes

If you are looking for more than an Analysis, I highly recommend you consider my Analysis Plus 5 Program. Not only will you receive the SAM PuttLab Analysis, but we will do practical work on a green, developing the 5  Putting Skills.  Check out the Analysis Plus 5.


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