The Fluid Motion Factor

The Fluid Motion Factor

If you ask a hundred players how they felt when they played their best golf, the majority usually

say three things.


  1. Time slowed down. They had all the time in the world to make a swing.
  2. The intellect shut down. The mind wasn’t thinking.
  3. The swing was effortless.

The Fluid Motion Factor is taught to help you the golfer achieve those three items and play your best golf.

With the Fluid Motion Factor, you are going to take a journey of self discovery. You will come to understand that, Focus does not equate to execution but Silence equates to execution.  The goal is to help you have a calm silent mind when you swing the club.

Everyone goes through three learning curves in the program: range, course and competitive golf. Because of that, and because the program is subtle and sometimes needs guidance there will be 5 lessons to start.

Start learning to calm your mind, access what you already have and play the best golf of your life. You will be truely amazed.

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