At Home Putting Guide

At Home Practice Putting Guide

When you are on a green to practice, you should be there to perform like you would when you are playing. Working thru your process, determining the length of the putt. Determining the slope and grade percent. Then making some decisions and settling into the ball with a calm mind, to execute the putt. There should be no thoughts on the stroke.

Stroke putting practice should be done at home, especially the mechanical portion of your stroke. At home practice putting guide teaches you to work on internal focus and ingraining the moves that are necessary to reproduce a repeatable stroke. By learning to make strokes and moves without a ball, this will help the golfer create awareness of what their body is doing in time and space.

The Practice Guide

Grip, Posture, Eye Position, Ball Position, Stroke

  • 7 Drills to Build a Fundamentally Sound & Repeatable Stroke
  • Videos of Each Specific Drill
  • Written Explanation of Each Specific Drill
  • Benefits of Each Drill


The At Home Practice Putting Guide Guide will Serve to Help You Transition from Indoor Internal Focus, to Outdoor External Focus.

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