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Welcome to The Academy of Putting and Short Game. 

“Wedge it Close and Roll it in the Hole”

South Florida’s #1 Putting & Short Game Coach offers you a completely integrated Putting and Short Game Program. My mission is to help you become a peak performer and an artist on the green. Someone who has a clear accurate picture of what they want to do before they do it. That mission is what separates my Putting & Short Game Instruction from others. 

Since the beginning of golf, putting has not been taught to provide the golfer with a clear accurate picture. The golfer has actually been put into a position of not understanding. A place of guessing what they should do. Subjective measures based on feel and emotion. The problem is that feel and emotion change everyday. So tomorrow you are hunting for something you had yesterday but cannot find it today.

Every golfer should be performing from an objective position, of understanding. So how would you go about learning a position of understanding?

What I teach!  “A Performance Putting System built around understanding the coordination of stroke lengths, timing, acceleration, and effective reading of the slopes and grades found on greens.”

You are going to learn!

Green Management
How to maneuver around the green to know the distance of the putt, grade percent, slope percent, and adjusted distance of the putt.

Stroke Management
Knowing how to use the putter to develop the correct length of stroke that matches the adjusted distance of the putt, that matches the green speeds you are playing on.

Time Management
Knowing your own personal timing that will teach you how to control your timing and acceleration down into the ball.

Visual Management
Knowing how to use your eyes. What to look at, where to look, and how to look.

Mental Management
Learning to putt with a mind that is calm, free of fear, and anxiety, that will allow the body to produce a fluid stroking motion.

When you start to learn these type of lessons, you will be put into a position of understanding exactly what you need to do, once you are on the green.  You will become the Master of the Green. The players that I coach have achieved it, reduced their putting average and have gone on to win their matches and win tournaments.

I believe what and how I teach putting, will teach you to make more putts! Period! I believe I have the best putting and short game system you will find! Make time for a lesson and let me guide you to that same belief.

Stan Moore, PGA Certified Coach, teaches at the Don Law Golf Academy, located at the Osprey Point Golf Course, in Boca Raton, Florida. He specializes in player development, with a focus on putting & short game.

Stan has created one of the the Most Comprehensive Putting & Short Game Programs in the United States. He has students competing at every level from junior, club golfer, through the collegiate ranks and Professional tours.

Our Offerings

Short Game

All of these are Skills that you must develop to improve and put the ball into the hole, with the least amount of strokes.

So if you are ready to begin to “wedge it close and roll it in the hole,” it starts with a plan.

We will explore three avenues which will provide improvement.

1. Technique Both Visual & Physical

2. Efficient and Effective Practice

3. Mental Calmness

Why Invest in Stan?

My mission is to help you become a peak performer, an artist around and on the green. Someone who has a clear accurate picture of what they want to do before they do it.

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  • Start seeing those 10 footers roll into the cup.
  • Control those wedge shots from off the green
  • Eliminate the fear, anxiety and doubt when standing over a putt

Contact me today and don’t miss out on lowering your score by 5-6 strokes. 

Transform your game by developing the skills, which will lead you to putting the ball in the hole. That’s when you will start to feel proud and confident about your game. 

Stan Moore, PGA Certified Coach

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Happy Customers

“I have been a golfer for 20 years, but was really looking for more distance and a better short game. Stan has helped me tremendously!
Susie A.
Just a word of thanks for the excellent putting and chipping instruction which you gave me Stan. I have shaved at least 4 strokes off my 18 hole card from your assistance to my short game.
Douglas Mathieson
After my lesson I was really “sizzling” the ball farther, better impact and more accurate than ever. I played a round and was complimented over and over by the group playing with me. I can’t wait to meet with Stan again, and think I finally am turning the corner with his help.
Clay Manley

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