The Importance of Lag Putting

During these months where the days are shorter and temperatures are lower, it is a great opportunity to focus closer to the hole.  You can groove your golf swing and make those necessary adjustments, but a majority of players have trouble with their putting.  Especially their long putting.  Don’t discount this part of the game […]

Improve Your Wedges from 50 Yards and In!

Most amateurs can get it around ok from tee to green, but when it comes time to hit a 30 yard shot over a bunker or a 50 yard shot to a pin on a back tier of a green, many seem to struggle. PGA Tour professionals work hard at these shots for long hours […]

Make Every Putt Inside 5 Feet

When was the last time you had a round where you made every putt inside of 5 feet? Odds are, you probably haven’t had one of those rounds in a long time, if ever. So try to add up the amount of strokes you would have saved yourself. Even half that amount might sound like […]