Golf Learning Insight

Developing a correct, repetitive golf swing requires time, effort, and patience. Unless the golfer embraces these aspects of the learning process, the experience won’t be fun, and it won’t last. The process must be fun. however, if the golfer is walking into the process expecting to commit minimal time, effort, and patience, then the “fun” […]

Indoor/No Ball Training

EVERYDAY PRACTICE Everyday practice required is only 10 minutes a day. Surely you can fit in 10 minutes a day? Your Home—this is your training venue. The slam dunk, golf training venue of golf training venues is your home. It is the best place to train. It’s better than the driving range. It is where […]

Ball Flight

When you are working to improve and area of your swing, don’t get so caught up with ball flight. If you use the ball flight solely as your basis for improving your swing, you will not be improving your swing. You will continue too adjust your swing to make the ball go straight. In other […]