The Confidence Builder School

The Confidence Builder School.

When you walk away from this, you will have developed the short game confidence needed to start changing the score on your scorecard. You will have video and hard copy notes to continually review to help you with future practice. This Confidence Builder is the KEY at getting to the core of your scoring game improvement. This is a Golf Life Changing Experience! If you are serious about getting better, this is the pathway to your success.

This 3 Hour School will include all short game activities from 40 yards and in.

9am to 12noon or 1pm to 4pm

Video & Practice Plan

* Chipping – Proper club to use.

* Finesse Wedges – 40 Yards and in to the pin.

* Bunker Instruction

           2 to 4 Students

Two Golfers           $300

Three Golfers        $275

Four Golfers          $250


South Florida’s #1 Putting & Short Game Coach