Fundamentals of the Ultimate Juniors Program

Ultimate Juniors


Age is not the factor here. Motivation, and the desire to play at a high level are required to be in the Junior Coaching Program.

Golf Coaches are agents of change with a focus on inspiring athletes to learn, train, develop, measure, evaluate, and grow as golfers and people. The best coaches help their students learn how to coach themselves through challenges in golf and in life.

As a coach I am responsible for:

Helping the athlete better understand who he/she is as an individual

  • Identifying what inspires the athlete
  • Identifying dreams and goals of the athlete
  • Measuring the skill levels of the athlete
  • Providing advice and strategies for improving the swing technique and fundamentals.
  • Facilitating the establishment of a detailed success strategy that leads to the achievement of the desired outcomes.
  • Educating and supporting parents
  • Communicating openly with athletes, parents, golf officials, and collegiate coaches.
  • Encouraging and nurturing the athlete both on and off the course.

Why is this important to you? In this way, the route you follow towards your potential belongs to you – you own it, are responsible for it and accountable for it. The Coach is there to make sure it’s the right route, and to act as a guide along the way.

The Ultimate Junior Program is a year round developmental program designed to teach juniors the necessary skills to play competitive golf and maximize their potential. The Program includes both Private Instruction and Skills Training Sessions. This allows students to develop their individual talents, as well as their competitive skills, tournament skills and strategic skills.

Why Junior Golf Athletes Choose This Program

  • Technical Development – Create better contact on the ball, by learning proper Fundamentals. Learn how to wedge it close to the hole. Learn the importance of a solid and well connected setup that will help you make more putts.
  • Skill Development – Skills and physical conditioning for competition performance. Visuals, Green Reading, Stroking, Aiming, & Speed Control.
  • Short Game Development – Controlling the trajectory of a wedge shot that one hops and stops on the green.
  • Putting Development – Learning the necessary skills to become a Championship caliber putter.
  • On Course Instruction – This is where you learn to own your game, with so many different lies and choices to choose from
  • Course Management Development – Using your eyes, imagination, and flight cones
  • Competition Training – Course charting, practicing properly, eliminating the fears
  • Mental Game Development – Emotional control, tension control, self talk, imagery.

I am only looking to Coach those that are committed to working hard all year long to take their game to the Top of The Mountain!

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Private Coaching Program:

2 Hours of Coaching per Month – $200 6 month minimum

4 Hours of Coaching per Month – $400 6 month minimum

8 Hours of Coaching per Month – $720 6 month minimum

**Custom Coaching Programs can also be designed**

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