The Secret Connections

The Secret Connections

Poor putting centers around posture. Usually the spine is not in a neutral position but usually has too much curve in the middle part of the back.

* A spine that is not in a neutral postion, hinders a player’s ability to create centralized rotation.

* If the player cannot rotate, the best he can do is create a stroke by lifting or rocking the shoulders. This is not the most stable motion.

* If the player does not use the shoulders, he may hinge from the elbows or rotate the forearms.

* If the player does not move the forearms or elbows, he likely uses the small muscles of the hands.

The hands are not the enemy of the stroke, but usually lead to inconsistency by their over use.


Learning the Secret Connections will mitigate moving parts such as the hands, wrist, forearms, elbows, and shoulders until all that can be created is a centralized putting stroke.

The Secret Connections will add consistency and develop Championship Putting Ability.

Learning the Connections are the KEY Posture ingredients your looking for to sink more putts and lower your score. Learning to putt better will be centered around learning these Secret Sauce ingredients.

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