On Course Playing Assessment

On Course Playing Assessment

The only true way to determine what type of swing, ball flight, equipment, how you mange the course and overall game you have, is watching you play golf on the course. “On Course” is a playing assessment  that will give me a complete overview of your Driving, Iron shots, Pitching, Chipping, & Putting Skills. From this Assessment you can then be directed in a straight path to quicker improvement.

This is a Requirement for all new students looking for an overall game improvement program.


* Playing golf on the course

* Complete video Assessment of your full swing, ball flight, equipment, short game, and putting stoke

* Green fees and cart fees included

* Game Plan for going forward improvement

$300 per person Adults ` Two Hours -9 hole playing lesson

Call Stan for appointment at 561-699-2616 or go to the Contact Tab at the top of the page, fill in the info and submit.