Full Swing Coaching

“Teaching You Better Contact, Power, & Control”

Full Swing Coaching 

A golfer needs to develop the skill in order to play. For students of any level, I like to help them get beyond their frustrations and develop their skill — this is where Full Swing Coaching is Effective.

Full Swing Coaching programs are for each individual golfer, and merges private lessons, supervised practice time, and on course sessions. Merging these three areas together allows for effective coaching, skill development, proper practice techniques, and transfer of training to the golf course, which will help the you to improve faster. 

Full Swing Coaching programs are available for all ages, and will be centered around your golfing goals, and available time.

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The Osprey Point Golf Course provides World-Class facilities, so why wouldn’t you want your game to match? Besides our 27-holes of golf, amazing practice facilities, Osprey Point Golf Course offers World-Class Instruction with Stan.

One Hour Lessons 

Adults –  $150

Juniors – $110

5 Adult Lessons – $600

5 Junior Lessons – $500

12  Adult Lessons – Two lessons a month for 6 months

$250 per month

12 Junior Lessons – Two Lessons a month for 6 months

$180 per month



To get started call 561-699-2616!