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 The 3 Things That Tiger Can Do That You Can Do!   If you do nothing else to improve your golf game ever again; Read This.   You hear about Tiger Woods doing this and that but it just doesn’t work for you because you are not 6’2”, 180 lbs, with a washboard stomach. You […]

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You have Arrived. It’s Time Your Golf Game Did Too.   Has frustration set in? Have you completely lost it? Is your golf game in a shamble?   Whether you’re a business executive, talented junior, frustrated pro, or a weekend warrior, wouldn’t you love to clear up the complexities of your game?     If […]


If you travel for a living you may not have the time you like for practice. Take the washcloth in your hotel room, grip like a club. It will give your arms extension and allow you to make your swing. If you will do this each day as a 10 minute workout session, you will […]