Breaking 80/90 Experience


Dominate The Slothful

For those of us looking to dominate our golf buddies and win all their money…this is all very good news. Most of us understand it; although still underestimate its breadth and depth. But EVERY Golfer needs to pay closer attention and strive to capitalize on this. Be a 1%’er!! It is, above all else, what separates those of us making up the teeny percentage of the population who possess the ability to take control of our golf game from the vast majority who keep buying the newest Titanium NASA Whiz-bang Driver; a truthful explanation for the separation you will never hear a single golf club company ever utter, even those who know it. It is in their self-interest to breed dependence; individual’s independence is threat to their interests. It is not a coincidence, incidentally, that the term is “breaking 80/90.” It’s not the Da Vinci code. The two words tell you how to get it. Numbers are barriers. They must be broken. As a golfer and athlete, it is up to you to thoroughly understand it, grasp it and capitalize on it. You can’t do that by playing and practicing golf as you’ve always done. Instead, the huge opportunity is in doing something else… Introducing the NEVER BEFORE RELEASED, Breaking 80/90 Experience- This powerful experience will show you how to BREAK 80/90. The unprecedented Breaking 80/90 Experience includes not a single pacifier, but your very own “Silent” drill sergeant. This silent drill sergeant is a proprietary scorecard system for golfers to follow that guarantees your improvement!

Plus, in addition to the proprietary scorecard system you also get…

• 24 Private Coaching Sessions With PGA Swing Guru, Stan Moore. A $2640 Value!!

• Three On-Course Private Coaching Sessions. A $660 Value!!

• Proprietary Scorecard System. A $100 Value!!

• In-Home Golf Fitness Training Program. A $175 Value!!

• 18 holes w/ Stan Moore for the Breaking 80/90 Finale. A $440 Value!!

• Breaking 90 Experience Bonuses Including (Monthly Newsletter!) Total Value up to $4,015!!

Your Investment: A one time payment of $2700( A savings of $1315) or I can bill you at $750 per month for 4 months OR $500 per month for 6 months.

But before we go further, I have to WARN you. This program is not for everyone. It will bloody your hands and crush your ego. It will mercilessly and relentlessly tear apart your past beliefs about golf. It will leave you crying for your MOMMY! But the rewards will CRIPPLE your opponents. They will be the ones crying and left in the dust when you break 90!!

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