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Private Golf School Program

Most beginner golfers are usually confused on how to get started with golf. They have no one to turn to for direction. They usually end up in a class situation with 6 to 10 other golfers of different ages, and skill ability. During that process they receive minimal time being instructed on what they should do. After four or five of these classes they walk out still unable to hit a golf ball down the fairway and play a round of golf. Frustration then sets in. As a Beginner Golfer, I started with private lessons and thankfully I did or I would probably have quit.

That is why our renowned Private Golf School is taught by Class “A” PGA Professional STAN MOORE and is perfect for the South Florida resident because it deals with the students intelligence, not their athletic ability. Covers all golf fundamentals necessary to reach intermediate level golfer ( 90 Shooter ). All lessons of instruction are video recorded and sent (Email) to you to review and study over and over. The student will receive a Student Manual which includes an entire practice program so the student is not fumbling around wasting time and practicing WRONG. The 2.0 Private Golf School is structured, simplistic and organized. You just can’t beat it.

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Stan Moore, PGA

Director of Instruction