Aimpoint Green Reading

Aimpoint Green Reading

Green-reading miscalculations are the most common reason for missed putts by golfers of all skill levels. So knowing the slope and behavior of greens will allow you to understand how speed has an effect on your putts. This will also help you gain more confidence and be in a better position to capitalize on your opportunities.

In my Private Lessons or Schools I use Aimpoint Green Reading to focus on the three keys to accurate green-reading: side-slope, distance and green-speed calibration. ​There will be no green you cannot read anywhere in the world, because the process is easy to apply and you’ll find yourself making putts consistently.

One Hour Private Lesson

Adults $130

Juniors $100


Aimpoint Clinic: 2 to 5 students

Express 1: One Hour $100 

* Feeling Slope Value

* Short & Medium length Putts

* Personal Caliabration


Express 2: One Hour $100

* Long Single Break Explanation

* Practice

* Double Break Explanation

* Practice

* Wrap Up


Express 1 & 2: Two Hours $200

* Express 1 & 2 Complete Program


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