Long Game School

Long Game School

Long Game Golf School


Stan Moore Driving Golf Ball

“Teaching You Better Contact, Power, & Control”


Long Game School


This Three Hour Full Swing School will focus on the Driver, Fairway Woods, and Long Irons.

Starting you from the tee, working your way down the fairway, and to the green will help to maximize your effort of swinging the golf club, to produce better shots.

Improve your tee shots, gain more distance, control ball flight, and strike the ball more solid.

Learning the long game is how you develop ball control on the course.


School Includes

Three hours of instruction   9-12noon or 1-4pm
Personal plan designed for your improvement
1 to 4 students
Video analysis, notes, and practice plan


This Three hour golf school can be scheduled individually at:

One Golfer        $375
Two Golfers              $300
Three Golfers                   $275
Four Golfers                             $250



Call 561-699-2616 to sign up!