Where to Start

Where to Start

Stroke Management and Controlling Distance 

Stroke Management and Controlling Distance is Where to Start! The golfer must have a starting point to understand where they currently are, and where to start moving in a direction of improvement.

This One Hour lesson is the entry door to learning performance putting. This lesson is designed to help you understand the concepts that are needed to control the distance of your putt.

Understand why you are continually leaving the ball short of the hole or rolling it well past the hole, by understanding that your stroke lengths, must match the distance of the putt, for you to control that distance.

A large majority of golfers, pros included, have no understanding of applying designed stroke lengths to their putt. They putt by guessing at how to roll the ball to the hole. They are putting strictly on feel and emotion. Conversely, “feel putting” where the player swings the putter while “feeling” for a hoped-for outcome, is an example of a subjective element of putting.  And here, putting results will vary daily just like our feelings do.  This is an example of an element of putting that “leaves to chance” the outcome because left unchecked, feelings drive us in the absence of practice we can control to drive the outcome we want.  A better kind of “feel putting” is to employ proprioception to hit pre-defined end-points of a designed putting-stroke. Something that we can train ourselves to do, and when tied to good timing, gives us an advantage in putting.

Creating geometric stroke lengths, will have you learning a baseline of designed stroke lengths, that match the distance of the putt, on the speed of the greens that you are playing. These stroke lengths can then be tested on different green speeds and the lengths can be adjusted to match the green speeds. The improvements in your stroke parameters, will reduce side spin, which will help you start the ball more on line, produce less skid off the face, create a better capture speed to the hole, a more consistent roll out pattern, and more putts being made.

You will now understand how to go about managing your stroke. You now will be in an objective position of understanding what you should do to roll it to the hole, instead of being in a subjective position of guessing.

This is Where to Start Today!

Adults $150

Juniors $110

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