Putting Philosophy

My Putting Philosophy is based on a blend of <!– Google Tag Manager –>
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Putting is a stimulus – response relationship and the crucial stimulus before any putt is Visual. Then it is a matter of syncing up what you See and allowing the body to react. Good technique is necessary and we will work on that, but to roll the ball into the hole, the Visual system must lead the way.

Putting like most sport performances, begins and ends with what we see and what we perceive. This forms the foundation for the concept of Visual Dominance. This concept becomes more basic than the mechanics of the stroke, equipment, grip or stance.

My Putting System is based on the fact that in order to excel on the green one must develop accurate, enduring Visual Performance Skills that are teamed up with the mind and the body.

Skills such as visual concentration, visual targeting, visual targeting duration, quiet eye, visualization, depth perception, aiming accuracy, and green reading. You will learn that Visual Skills, are the key ingredients  to excellent putting. Because visual skills affect speed control, putting accuracy and mental control. The elite putters have these skills and so can you.

We are going to incorporate these Visual Skills into all of the lesson programs. My goal, is to help you become a peak performer. Someone who has a clear accurate picture of what they want to do before they do it, plus make you aware of mechanical flaws that may require improvement.

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Stan Moore, PGA Certified

“Great Putters are Trained, Not Born”


SFLA’S #1 Putting & Short Game Coach