Everyday practice required is only 10 minutes a day. Surely you can fit in 10 minutes a day?

Your Home—this is your training venue. The slam dunk, golf training venue of golf training venues is your home. It is the best place to train. It’s better than the driving range. It is where you’re going to advance your game and how you’ll fit it into your busy schedule.

Ben Hogan, popularized indoor/no ball practice. Even so, it has not been widely discussed until —NOW! Indoor/no ball training allows the student to focus on his or her swing technique and not become distracted by the ball or ball flight. Indoor no/ball training is the most focused and effective way to learn a golf swing.

Without the ball, the golfer is empowered to focus on swing positions and what the body needs to do to make the swing.

So prepare to practice 10 minutes a day at your home and improve faster.

Your Discipline Determines Destiny.


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