Distance, Timing & Acceleration

Distance, Timing & Acceleration 

Distance, Timing, & Acceleration is a Two Hour lesson designed to help you understand the concepts that are needed to control distance of your putt, the timing of your stroke, and the acceleration of the putter.

Undersand how to stop leaving the ball short of the hole.

Understand how your own internal timing will help you develop a smooth flowing stroke.

Understand what causes inconsistent acceleration patterns and how to overcome them.

Creating stroke paramaters, controlling your timing and developing acceleration awareness will have  you controlling the pace at which the putter moves and develop a more consistent ball roll out.

We will use Flatstick Fire technology that  will give you precise stroke lengths, time duration and acceleration rates. By understanding these metrics you will start to learn the concept of how to deliver the club into the ball more consistently.

The improvements in your stroke Distance, Timing, & Acceleration will reduce side spin, which will help you start the ball more on line, produce less skid off the face, create a better capture speed to the hole, a more consistent roll out pattern, and more putts being made.

Adults $300

Juniors $220

South Florida’s #1 Putting & Short Game Coach