Analysis Plus 5

Analysis Plus 5 

Analysis Plus 5, is a Six Hour private coaching program. This can be done over the course of several weeks.

We will take your SAM PuttLab Analysis and blend key putting skills together to create a high performance level for you. You will learn how to master your READ, START LINE, SPEED CONTROL, STROKING TECHNIQUE, and VISUAL CONCEPTS across different slopes and distances. Drills will be provided to increase your level of improvement moving forward.

Here is what you will receive.

  • SAM PuttLab Analysis with a complete overview
  • AimPoint Green Reading Instruction
  • Aiming Techniques & Options
  • Improved Setup and Stroking Options
  • Distance and Speed Parameters
  • Visual Concepts to Open the Window to Better Putting
  • Mental Calmness -Fluid Motion Factor
  • Assessment of Your Current Putter & Options
  • Putting Drills
  • Training Aid Recommendation

Private Session:  $720 Adults

$600 Juniors

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