Putting Philosophy


Putting Philosophy


“Putting Philosophy” 


My system for putting is based on teaching 5 Putting Skills. The system forms the basis of technique that will elevate your scoring abilities like none other.

As you practice putting, the practice should be geared toward one or more of these five skills. The golfer needs to know why they are practicing a certain way and what they are suppose to learn from that practice, so they will see improvement in one of these five areas when they play. Every aspect of my putting instruction revolves around this philosophy.

The 5 putting skills

1. Green Reading – Picking a target to aim at, and rolling the ball with the right touch
2. Aiming and Alignment
3. Touch – Rolling the ball to stop at a specific distance
4. Mechanics – How the different parts of the body function
5. Visual Concepts – Using your eyes to link the eyes, mind, & body

SAM PuttLab, High Speed Video Cameras, Putting Drills, and Practical work on a green are used to enhance the skill development that will help the golfer make more putts and go low.


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