Become A Champion Putter

Become A Champion Putter

Become A Champion Putter


Become A Champion Putter

To Become a Champion Putter program is Private Coaching where you learn the 5 putting skills. Our philosophy is centered around those 5 putting skills.

Below are the skills that are designed to change your score and help you to become skilled at becoming a Champion Putter.

* You will end the three putting
* You will roll the 10 to 12 foot putts in the hole
* You will knock those 4 footers down
* You will develop confidence
* You will lower your score
* You will win your match


This is a Private 3 hour session.

Sessions are available from 9am to 12 or 1pm to 4pm.  Monday thru Saturday.




READING THE PUTT – Understanding the amount of slope and the starting point of your putt is vital to rolling the ball in to the hole.


AIMING – This is achieved by learning to align your body correctly, in relationship to the putter face and ball line.

SKILL No3.  

STROKING – This is achieved by learning how the body works and how to use the putter which is critical to developing consistent mechanics.


Once you have the ball rolling on line you need to consider that speed determines line. Therefore you have to be able to control the acceleration of the putter to control velocity at impact.

Skill No5.

Visual Concepts – Putting is all visual and learning to see lines, spots, grain, shadows, and other details will help the golfer llink up their eyes, mind, and body.


After the siession you will be given Putting Drills that will continue your skill development.

“Putting Drills” will be the corner stone of the practice plan. I have at my disposal over 150 putting drills that will be used to help you become A World Champion Putter.

The 3 Hour 4 Skill Lesson

                                    Adult         $ 375

Junior       $ 300


Go to the Contact Tab at the top of this page. Fill out the info and send or call me at 561-699-2616 to get started on lowering your score immediately.


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