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Green Reading School

Green Reading School



Green Reading

Green-reading miscalculations are the most common reason for missed putts by golfers of all skill levels.

Since 1984 scientific green reading has been the method of green reading that every putting guru has referred to. US Air Force Col. H.A. Templeton used his advanced mathematical processing to do the research. Templeton was a test pilot in the SR71 Blackbird project and flew three times the speed of sound at the edge of space.

Templeton was way ahead of his time and actually invented a 3D putt simulation software for network golf telecasts in 1988. Being so far ahead of your time means that finding an audience for your work can be daunting.

My Private Lessons or Schools focus on the three keys to accurate green-reading: side-slope, distance and green-speed calibration. ​There will be no green you cannot read anywhere in the world. The process is easy to apply and you’ll find yourself making putts consistently.

One Hour Private Lesson $125

One Hour School  $80 per person  2-4 people

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