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Fuel Up on The Golf Course

There should be food in your golf bag at all times. I bet when most of you grab your golf bag to play a round of golf you make sure to have golf balls, tees, and clubs; but if you’re like a majority of golfers you don’t pack food. Keeping your physical & mental energy […]


Equipment Fit for Your Game

When is the last time you have done an audit of your equipment? I don’t just mean when you bought that new driver.  I am referring to the last time you sat down with your instructor and decided if you had the correct clubs (drivers, wedges, putter) and if they truly fit your game. Having […]


Improve Your Putting Stroke & Game

Think of all the golfers that are better than you – and I’m not talking about 1 or 2 strokes (unless you are scratch), I’m referring to the guys / gals that are 5, 10, 20 strokes better. Do they have more confidence? Yes. Do they know their strengths & weaknesses? Maybe. Everyone wants to […]


Prepare Like a Tour Player

The PGA Tour season has roughly a two month “off season;” and what the players choose to do with their time can make or break them for the coming season. So what can the average player learn from these Tour Players and how can it help you improve? The key component is preparation: setting a […]



If you travel for a living you may not have the time you like for practice. Take the washcloth in your hotel room, grip like a club. It will give your arms extension and allow you to make your swing. If you will do this each day as a 10 minute workout session, you will […]


Golf Learning Insight

Developing a correct, repetitive golf swing requires time, effort, and patience. Unless the golfer embraces these aspects of the learning process, the experience won’t be fun, and it won’t last. The process must be fun. however, if the golfer is walking into the process expecting to commit minimal time, effort, and patience, then the “fun” […]


Indoor/No Ball Training

EVERYDAY PRACTICE Everyday practice required is only 10 minutes a day. Surely you can fit in 10 minutes a day? Your Home—this is your training venue. The slam dunk, golf training venue of golf training venues is your home. It is the best place to train. It’s better than the driving range. It is where […]


Ball Flight

When you are working to improve and area of your swing, don’t get so caught up with ball flight. If you use the ball flight solely as your basis for improving your swing, you will not be improving your swing. You will continue too adjust your swing to make the ball go straight. In other […]